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How Can I Create My Own Generators?

Good news! The "Input Text" box is editable. You can click any of the pre-made generators and edit them, or write your own.

But First, A Warning

Your changes are never saved. Whether you write your own script, or edit one of the pre-made ones, if you close the browser, leave this page, or click on one of the pre-made generators, your work will be lost.

I strongly recommend writing your script in a text file or word processing document that's saved at your end, whose contents you can copy and paste into the Input Text box whenever you want to use it.

Okay, Sure, But How Do I Write a Generator?

Here's a very basic input script:



We have two lists here - #MAIN and #DOG.

The randomizer will always look for a list called #MAIN. It will pick a random entry from under that #MAIN heading - i.e. cat, goldfish, <DOG>, or hyena. For most of those entries, it'll simply return the result.

If it lands on <DOG>, instead of just returning "<DOG>", it'll look for a #DOG list, and return a random entry from that.

A few characters have special effects. If a line begins with one of them, you'll get special behaviours out of the generator:

  • % - If a line begins with %, it'll be disregarded. This is useful if you want comments in your input script.
  • $ - If a line begins with $, it'll be disregarded. This may eventually change; in an older, offline version of this tool, I used $ to input parameters.
  • @ - If a line begins with @, it'll add an empty entry to the current list.

If you see a line beginning with ! or %!, that's just me signalling something to myself. Don't worry about it.

Also: The list titles don't have to be in all-caps. However, they are case-sensitive.

Also also: You can resize the text area by clicking and dragging the lower-right corner.